Contact Person
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Dipl.-Ing. FH Robert Seeliger
Senior Project Manager
Business Unit FAME
Tel.: +49 30 3463-7262

Robert Seeliger

Scientist and project manager R & D at the Business Unit FAME

Working Areas

  • IPTV, HybridTV and Rich Media Architectures
  • Service Interaction in standardized IPTV and Media Environments
  • Convergence of Telecommunications, TV and Web
  • Interactive and Smart Content

Curriculum Vitae

Robert Seeliger holds a M. Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.) in Communication and Media Technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Jena. He received his diploma with the completion of his thesis about Next Generation IPTV at Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS in Berlin. In his subsequent employment as senior research engineer and project manager at the Business Unit Future Applications and Media (FAME) at Fraunhofer FOKUS, Robert Seeligers main research activities focuses on standardized IPTV in managed and unmanaged infrastructures, media interoperability in converged service environments, HybridTV and interactive Rich Media Services. Due to this work he is coordinating the technical development and improvement of the Hybrid TV and Future Applications and Media Lab - FOKUS' Testbeds for innovative hybrid TV and multimedia services. Robert Seeliger has published numerous papers and articles in international conferences and workshops.


Seeliger, Robert; Krauss, Christopher; Wilson, Annette; Zwicklbauer, Miggi; Arbanowski, Stefan:
Towards personalized smart city guide services in future internet environments.
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Building smart city services with the FIcontent platform : CeBIT, 12. März 2014, Hannover.

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Cross-platform utilization of interactive video for e-learning and edutainment.
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Piscataway, NJ : IEEE, 2014, 1-5

Krauss, Christopher; Seeliger, Robert; Wilson, Annette; Arbanowski, Stefan:
Enriched personalized multi-screen content for social connected TV.
In: Association for Computing Machinery:
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2014, 4 S.

Seeliger, R.:
FAMIUM - interoperable content protection for Internet delivered video : ThinkCROSS - ChangeMEDIA Conference, 21. März, 2014, Magedburg.

Krauss, Christopher; Seeliger, Robert:
No Content without Context - Multimedia Recommendation Engines : Fullday Workshop at LINKED FILM & TV WORKSHOPS, 1, 5th November 2014, Potsdam.

Güçlü, Görkem; Seeliger, Robert (Betreuer):
Ecosystem for community based enrichment and distribution of interactive, non-linear videos.
Berlin, Techn. Univ., Dipl.-Arb., 2013

Seeliger, R.:
MPEG-DASH enabling adaptive streaming with personalized commercial breaks and second screen scenarios : IFA 2013, Tec Watch Forum, 6. - 11. September 2013, Berlin.

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Cross-platform implementation of non-linear videos and possible ways for mainstream marketing.
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Krauß, C.; Merceron, A. (First examiner); Seeliger, R. (Second examiner); Mixdorff, H. (Supervisor):
Personalized recommendations to be displayed on SmartTVs.
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Possibilities of Data-Mining in the Context of Interactive Web Applications.
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Seeliger, R.; Räck, C.; Arbanowski, S.:
An approach for a cross-platform utilization of interactive content.
In: IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:
2011 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC 2011) : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 9 - 12 January 2011 ; including workshop papers.
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Seeliger, R.; Arbanowski, S.:
Creating interactive video content for multiple platforms.
In: IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting, BMSB 2011.
Piscataway : IEEE, 2011, 3 S.

Seeliger, R.; Räck, C.; Arbanowski, S.:
Non-linear video - A cross-platform interactive video system.
In: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers <White Plains, NY>:
SMPTE 2010 : Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers annual technical conference and exhibtion 2010 ; Hollywood, California, USA, 26 - 28 October 2010.
Red Hook : Curran, 2011, 32-41

Seeliger, R.:
Dreidimensional, personalisiert und virtuell: Wie das Sportfernsehen der Zukunft aussieht : SPONSORs Sports Media Summit, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2010-05-10.

Räck, C.; Seeliger, R.; Arbanowski, S.:
Featured Media: Nonlinear, Clickable Multimedia Content for an Interactive Video Experience.
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Seeliger, R.:
Fraunhofer Science-to-Business Portal : Internationale Funkausstellung IFA, Berlin, Germany, 2010-09-07.

Seeliger, R.:
Media Interoperability & Medienkonvergenz - Telekommunikation, TV, Medien und das Web wachsen zusammen : Netzwerkprojekt Rooms & Intelligent Design Systems.

Seeliger, R.; Räck, C.; Arbanowski, S.:
Non-linear video : a cross-platform interactive video experience.
In: International Academy, Research, and Industry Association:
CONTENT 2010 : the Second International Conference on Creative Content Technologies, November 21-26, 2010, Lisbon, Portugal . Online Resource.
2010, 34-38

Seeliger, R.:
Der TV Markt in Bewegung: Telekommunikation, TV, Medien und das Web wachsen zusammen : 23 February 2010.

Seeliger, R.; Friedrich, O.; Arbanowski, S.:
The future of TV and media services: interactive live demo of fraunhofer FOKUS standardized converged rich media and IPTV solution.
In: Association for Computing Machinery / Special Interest Group on Multimedia:
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The future of TV and media services: interactive live demo of fraunhofer FOKUS standardized converged rich media and IPTV solution.
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IMS and IPTV - Standards, Architectures and interactive Services.
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Seeliger, R.:
Medienkonvergenz - Telekommunikation, TV und das Web wachsen zusammen : Network of Automotive Excellence (NoAE) - ASP5 Meeting, 12 November 2009, Dortmund, Germany.

Friedrich, Oliver; Riede, Christian; Seeliger, Robert; Zachey, Benjamin; Arbanowski, Stefan:
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TV Web 2.0 - Forschungskonzepte für das Fernsehen der Zukunft : Studie.
Berlin, 2009

Seeliger, R.; International Quality and Productivity Center:
Beyond IPTV: NGN based interactive services : 31 March-02 April 2008.

Friedrich, Oliver; Seeliger, Robert; Arbanowski, Stefan:
Interactive and personalized services for an open IMS-based IPTV infrastructure.
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Seeliger, R.:
Interaktive und personalisierte Zusatzinformationen im IPTV : 29 August 2008.

Friedrich, O.; Seeliger, R.; Gouveia, F.; Arbanowski, S.:
IPTV user equipment for IMS-based streaming services : 37689.
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(Lecture notes in computer science 5066).

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Seeliger, R.; International Quality and Productivity Center:
FOKUS' NextGenMedia Lab: Cross-fertilisation at home : 03 July 2007.

Seeliger, R.:
IMS & IPTV - Die Operatoren Perspektive.

Seeliger, R.:
IPTV, Communities und Web2.0 : 31 August 2008.

Seeliger, R.:
Mediendienste der nächsten Generation - Innovationen, Trends und Technologien : 24 October 2007.