Uwe Hübler

Head of the Hardware Development Department, FP InovoLabs GmbH

For the last 23 years Uwe Hübler is been serving at FP InovoLabs GmbH, holding currently the position of Head of the Hardware Development Department. As Senior Engineering Manager Uwe supervises the hardware product development (mechanics, electronics, international certification, etc.). Brings decades of experience on large-budget project management, alongside with cost-optimized design of certified devices with high-demanding requirements. Strong background in components procurement to support long-living products. For 10+ years was responsible for tooling and production support in Asia. Graduate engineer by the Technical University Berlin. 

IoT Security Case Study: hardware-based secure data transmission from the device to cloud


IoT security is a critical issue to address when it comes to implement an Industrial IoT Project. In this session we will present a case study of a successful implementation of security measures for sensitive-data transmission from end devices to an IT infrastructure: 200.000+ smart devices worldwide transmitting securely money-value data, using the FIPS140-2 level 3 Hardware Security Module, since 15+ years. We will deep dive on the challenges and benefits of this technology. We will also present the standard FIPS140-2, and its focus on the secure transmission of sensitive data.