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Wed., Nov. 06, 2019 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

09:00-09:30 REGISTRATION


Welcome & Opening

Welcome to the IIoT Forum
Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauswirth

IIoT Communication for the 21st Century
Dr. Florian Schreiner / Dr. Alexander Willner

10:00-11:35 SESSION 1

The Future Industrial Internet of Things

The Future Roadmap of OPC UA including TSN
Stefan Hoppe, President, OPC Foundation

Edge and Middleware Co-Innovation
Dr. Richard Soley, CEO, Object Management Group

Bringing TSN, OPCA UA, and Edge Computing Together
Wolfgang Leindecker, VP, TTTech

Industry 4.0 & OPC UA Standardization - Current Status
Heinrich Munz, Lead Architect Industry 4.0, KUKA


11:35-11:45 SHORT BREAK

11:45-13:20 SESSION 2

State of Play of OPC UA over TSN

The Evolution of Industrial Communication Technologies

TSN - Network Infrastructure Configuration and Management

Status of OPC UA over TSN Standardization
Alexander Ziegler, Siemens AG

Use Cases and Business Impact of OPC UA over TSN


13:20-14:10 LUNCH & DEMO BREAK

14:10-15:45 SESSION 3

The Evolution of Edge Computing for Industry 4.0

A Brave New World – The Impact of Edge on Everything
André Uhl, Director System Architecture, Schneider Electric

Distributed Digital Twins for Industrial Edge Computing
Dr. Birgit Boss, Business Chief Digital Office, Robert Bosch GmbH

The Future of Edge Computing for Discrete Manufacturing

Connecting the Industry Using Distributed Edge Nodes
Dr. Sebastian Ritz, CEO, German Edge Cloud


15:45-16:10 DEMO BREAK

16:10-17:45 SESSION 4

The Evolution of Edge Computing for Industry 4.0

LNI 4.0 Edge Configuration Testbed
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Graf Gatterburg, Principal Technology Consultant, Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

LNI 4.0 Testbed TSN in Augsburg
Dr. Dominik Rohrmus, Senior Engineer, LNI 4.0

IIC TSN for Manufacturing Testbed
Florian Frick, Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units, University of Stuttgart

Charles Sheridan, Director Applied Network Technologies Lab, HUAWEI


17:45-18:10 DEMO BREAK