IIoT Center

The IIoT Center at Fraunhofer FOKUS is based on various ICT labs; it integrates, adapts and expands technologies to use them in an industrial context. The ICT labs are:
  • 5G Playground builds an environment for 5G access and core networks, SDN, NFV, and Network Orchestration Systems  
  • IoT Lab, based on the FUSECO playground, focuses on sensor networks, machine-to-machine communication, services and platforms, cloud technologies and knowledge-based/semantic data analysis systems.
  • Industrial Internet Lab integrates the technologies of the 5G and IoT labs and expands their solutions with Industrie 4.0 protocols (OPC UA). Moreover, it integrates them in a field bus system for production (SCADA over IP, SCADA over LTE) and within industrial wireless networking standards such as ISA 100 Wireless and IEC 62734. 

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