Fraunhofer FOKUS SmartTV Lab

The Smart TV Lab bundles Fraunhofer FOKUS expertise in the area of hybrid TV, connected TV, IPTV, future web technologies and rich media convergence. The Lab offers a comprehensive test and development environment for cutting-edge hybrid TV technologies and devices, new TV formats, interactive content, HbbTV and cross-platform applications. We provide support for both application and content providers as well as CE manufacturers to test and validate your solutions against standards (HbbTV, CE-HTML) and in regard to interoperability

About the FOKUS SmartTV Lab

Fraunhofer FOKUS has established a SmartTV Lab to build an independent development and testing environment for HybridTV technologies and solutions. The Smart TV Lab addresses interoperability issues as much as device and solution specific testing and integration. Our approach is to provide a testbed, that is:

  • Open for ALL interested players from industry, research and academia
  • Based on open standards (CE-HTML, HbbTV, W3C, etc.)
  • vendor and provider independent
  • a communication, networking and marketing platform

The FOKUS SmartTV Lab incorporates diverse solutions ranging from IPTV service platforms, Web-based Applications towards hybrid broadband broadcast solutions as HbbTV to future technologies as HTML5 and cross platform app and service provisioning.

Technical Environment

The FOKUS SmartTV Lab provides a professional infrastructure and is equipped with state-of-the-art and market leading solutions comprising:

  • Multiple DVB-S2 / DVB-C / DVB-T digital TV Receiving installation
  • HD & 4K enabled TV and IPTV Headend
    • DVB to IP Multicast / Unicast turnaround
    • Multiple 4K HD DVB-S2 / C Receiver & 4K HD MPEG4 Encoder
    • various highly flexible Software Streaming Server
    • industry proven Origin & Packager solutions
  • HbbTV Playout System
    • Creation of self-maintained Red Button Applications
  • Development Platforms and SDKs
    • all major Smart TV platforms (vendor specific as well as standard compliant through CE-HTML, HbbTV, W3C), and HTML5
    • managed and unmanaged IPTV platforms
  • Hybrid TV devices
    • Full range of state of the art connected TVs and Set-Top-Boxes from all major manufacturers
    • mobile devices as Smartphones and Tablets for 3-Screen-Services
    • prototypes of e.g. HTML5 enabled TV devices and STBs

Prototyping and proof-of-concept development

We are building applications and services that conform to standards such as HbbTV, CE-HTML and W3C.

Current examples include:

  • HbbTV Car configurator (Interactive RedButton Application)
  • Services for the German ID Card (Video on Demand, Bookstore, eGovernment Services)
  • FOKUS Megastore (Cross-platform app store for web apps)
  • CE-HTML compliant service portals for various partners (print media, broadcast, content provider, online catalogues, weather …)
  • Interactive Games for Hybrid TV (single and multiplayer)
  • Comprehensive white label portals