Tool-supported cyber-risk assessment

Tutorial 1: Tue., Sep. 15, 16:00 - 17:00

This tutorial gives an introduction to cyber-risk assessment and demonstrates how it can be conducted using the CORAS risk assessment tool. The presentation includes an introduction to the essential elements that we need to understand in order to assess cyber-risk in a methodic and adequate manner: What is a cyber-system, what is a cyber-threat, what is cybersecurity, and what is cyber-risk?

About Bjørnar Solhaug

Bjørnar Solhaug is a senior researcher at SINTEF ICT in Norway and holds a PhD in information science from the University of Bergen. His research interests include risk analysis, threat  odelling, information security, cybersecurity, trust management and formal languages. He is has contributed to the development of the CORAS method and is one of the authors of the book "Model-Driven Risk Analysis: The CORAS Approach" (Springer, 2011).