Taxis am Flughafen
Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Embers: Internet-of-Things-Platform for mobility services

News from July 11, 2016

On the 5th of July 2016, at the "Mobility and Transport Meetup" of the European research project Embers, scientists and entrepreneurs of startups discussed technical and economic premises for successful mobility services. For this, Embers offers an IoT-Platform which the researchers of the business unit NGNI will accompany up to marketability.

The search for parking space, air pollution and traffic noise belong to the biggest traffic problems in cities. Mobility services that connect road users and analyses various data (traffic, weather, particulate pollution etc.) promise fluid traffic movement and a better quality of life for the inhabitant of a city. The technical basis is formed by extensive sensor data (e.g. from towns or municipalities) that is aggregated and distributed by the Internet-of-Things-Platforms. The aim of the research project Embers is to bring such a platform to marketability by 2018.

At the "Mobility and Transport Meetup" in the Fraunhofer FOKUS, the Iot-Platform including its interfaces and data formats as well as service scenarios were presented. Especially intensive was the discussion by researchers and entrepreneurs regarding business models and quality assurance of the data.

In the project OpenMTC, NGNI uses it's OneM2M/ ETSI-standard conform Middleware-Platform for M2M-Applications and M2M-Services, to conduct load tests on the EMBERS-Platform and to test its interoperability with existing IoT-Standards.