Contact Person
Stephan Steglich
Stefan Arbanowski
Dr.-Ing. Stephan Steglich
Business Unit FAME
+49 30 3463-7373

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Arbanowski
Business Unit FAME
+49 30 3463-7197

Research & Development
Fraunhofer FOKUS 

Working Areas

Setting trends and boosting innovation in the field of cross-platform application development, latest turns of web technologies and up-and-coming trends of the creative industry are top priorities at the FOKUS Business Unit for Future Applications and Media. 

With our technical solutions we enable platform-independent multiscreen and rich media applications. Our experienced research team offers cutting edge expertise.

About FAME
Research & Developement: Converged Media Services  Fraunhofer FOKUS

Our Mission

  • Drive standardization towards converged environments incorporating managed & unmanaged solutions.
  • Push Co-operation of Telcos, Broadcasters & CEs to enable real convergence between communications, Web and content
  • Drive the idea of Packaged Applications for application deployment and generic APIs for device and service access
  • Build prototypes to show gaps and advantages of different kind of technologies
  • Help CEs, Telcos and broadcasters on technology elaboration
  • Utilizing Web technologies for signaling, application logic & user interfaces
  • Bringing together the different technologies and create interoperability