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Student Project 

WebVR is a W3C specification which supports developers building virtual reality (VR) applications using pure web technologies. The API includes interfaces for accessing device sensors and control the head-mounted display. WebVR is already implemented in many browsers like Chrome and Firefox. There are also existing WebVR frameworks like A-Frame from Mozilla which makes the development of VR application more easier.

Your tasks:

  • Evaluate WebVR Specification and related Frameworks
  • Develop a VR application using WebVR and one of the identified Framework
  • Evaluate you Implementation on different browsers that support WebVR

Required skills:

  • Web Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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Virtual Reality and 360° Video Analytics: User Tracking and View-Field Prediction for Future Video Presentations

Student Project, Master Thesis

The Fraunhofer FOKUS 360° Video Cloud Streaming solution enables high quality 360° video experience on low capability devices, such as Hybrid TVs (HBBTV), or in cases of constrained network connectivity e.g. on mobile devices. In 360° video the full spherical image of any direction of view is available in every moment while the spectator can freely change her individual perspective of view. Thus for a high quality partial view on the scene the necessary source video material becomes quite large.

This solution allows content providers and broadcasters to provide an innovative video experience to traditional TV screens. Viewers can experience video content with freely selectable views on their primary video viewing device – the large TV screen. The capability of view analytics allows content producers and advertisers to get specific information what viewers are interested in and what part of the scene they are watching, allowing detailed feedback about home user interests that wasn't previously available outside of limited lab trials.

You shall realize the following tasks:

  • View behavior analysis per user (persist the viewed camera angle in a 360° video etc.)
  • Reporting of clustered viewing behaviors on a video player with the help of heat map overlays
  • Integration into the existing FAME infrastructure
  • Live- and on-Demand-Reporting for 360° Live-Streams 
  • Creation of Cam-Tracks: e.g. average viewing hot spots or tracking shots
  • Filtering User-Groups: e.g. by IP (region), User-Agent (device) etc.
  • Prediction and recommendation of current and future camera tracks in real time

Required skills:

  • Good programming/ prototyping skills in HTML/ JS as well as in server technologies of your choice
  • Optional: High-Level Understanding of Data Mining/ User Profiling
  • Creative ideas, analytical skills and autonomous acting

Related technologies:

  • Video Delivery Technologies
  • Predictive Data Mining

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