fame mws 2019 keyvisual logos 2019-05-13
Tue., May 21, 2019 to Wed., May 22, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Jörg Blumtritt

Data Science for Media, Algorithm Ethics, and Blockchain

Talk: “Media archive indexing with AI”, Day 1, Workshop 2, 16:30-18:00

(*1970) is data scientist and researcher. He founded the companies Datarella based in Munich, Germany, and Baltic Data Science in Gdansk, Poland. Datarella develops data-driven products and applications based on the the blockchain, BDS delivers data-science-as-a-service.

Before that, Joerg had worked for media companies and publishers in Europe and the US. After graduating in statistics and political sciences with a thesis on artificial intelligence, he had worked in behavioral sciences, focused on nonverbal communications research.

As political activist and researcher, Joerg works on research in data ethics, future democratic participation, and open source IoT.

Joerg is adjunct professor at NYU and teaches courses on data science and the blockchain at various universities. He co-authored the Slow Media Manifesto and blogs about media at slow-media.net, about data at beautifuldata.net and http://tyuya.com.