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GEN6-Roadshow in Berlin

News from Dec. 18, 2014

The partners of the project “IPv6 profiles” for public administrations held a road show event in Berlin at 24./25. November. They presented basic principles about IPv6 and the planning and proceeding at the implementation. They also talked about essential findings from already realised projects.

Nearly 50 attendees took the chance to get first hand information on IPv6 transition for existing eGovernment services. Per Blixt, the Head of Unit of Experimental Platforms opened with a talk on the current state of the IPv6 take off – which is definitively to slow from the perspective of the European Commission. Constanze Bürger and Dr. Heinz-Werner Schülting from the federal ministry of interior gave an overview over the activities of the federal government on IPv6 implementation. Than the GEN6 partners described why IPv6 is no more a funny feature for technical freaks but a mandatory part for up to date eGovernment and governmental ICT. Statics of the GEN6 monitoring as well as from RIPE NCC showed the different points of IPv6 use for some European nations.Especially the huge grow of IPv6 use in Germany forces governments to deal with the new version of the Internet Protocol.

Talks got into guidelines and strategies that have been developed especially for governmental use cases of IPv6. So a today’s IPv6 transition process can be guided by proved best practices. On the second day presentations on technical details on the Internet access as well as in local networks were given. Innovative solutions with IPv6 based multi platform networks were shown, as well as energy metering using IPv6 for Internet of things scenarios. Special attendance was spent to governmental business applications and on IPv6 security aspects.The attendees claimed it valuable to participate in the experiences from the GEN6 partners and see things really working. So the barriers against IPv6 implementation could be lowered by showing real operational examples.

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