Security issues in financial cloud environments

Session: Security risk & compliance assessment, Tue., Sep. 15, 13:00 - 13:30

On the first sight, Secure Financial Cloud seems to be a contradiction in itself. Concepts of open environments like cloud computing typically do not address challenges like thorough security concepts. Designing security architectures for arbitrary cloud environments seems to be a hard problem. In our research project “Securing the Financial Cloud (SFC)" we are researching approaches and solutions for a special cloud environment, the so called “financial cloud". In this talk I would like to present the actual status of our research and discuss interesting challenges.

About Volker Krummel

Volker Krummel is a Security Professional at Wincor Nixdorf since 2008. He received his PhD in the area of cryptography from the University of Paderborn in 2007. At Wincor Nixdorf he is responsible for the IT-Security Research. He is the project leader and specialist at several publicly funded cooperative research projects in the areas of secure cloud computing, IT Forensics and Risk Management. His research interests cover Cryptography, Computer Algebra and Information Theory, IT-Security Analysis and IT-Forensics.