Thu., Nov. 07, 2019 to Fri., Nov. 08, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

This agenda will be updated continuously. 


09.00-17.30 CONFERENCE

From 5G-Ready To Real 5G – Challenges &  Opportunities

There is no doubt that 5G technology is a key enabler for the digital transformation and will unify communications in the next decade. After 2025 5G will be a mainstream technology connecting everyone with everything everywhere. However, the initial deployment of every new communication technology represents a huge economic challenge, particularly when existing technologies, such as 4G/LTE,  are already doing a very good job. So looking at 5G we have to look at it from two opposite angles that illustrate the complexity and current dilemma; 5G evolution vs. revolution. On the one hand 5G has to interoperate seamlessly with existing 4G and NB-IOT networks in order to benefit from 4G coverage, but to extend capacities where needed in the so-called Non-Standalone Architecture (NSA). However, the full potential of low-latency communications with 5G could only be exploited in the Standalone Architecture (SA) mode where 5G New Radio (NR) is combined with a "clean slate" Service-Based Network Architecture (SBA), exploiting the amazing customization features of software-based networks. In addition, global 5G standardization is in full swing and only 3GPP Release 16 and later releases will be able to fulfill the various requirements from the different 5G vertical domains. So the key question is "when and how to start with 5G?"

After the successful 5G frequency auctions, network operators around the globe are now starting to deploy first 5G products trying to match different consumer and enterprise needs while discovering and exploring new business models. In this conference, which unites the three previous workshops discussing 5G technologies, lessons learned from trials and testbeds, and potential 5G business models, we want to understand the demands and readyness levels of different application domains for 5G technology adoption as well as understand the technological capabilities of first 5G products entering the market. We want to look at operator strategies in different parts of the world for rolling out 5G on national levels as well as entering the innovative domains of dedicated local 5G networks. As usual, the conference is featuring short stimulation presentations followed by highly interactive panels to discover and discuss the latest trends. Demos alongside the conference during the breaks will practically illustrate the state of play in 5G.

09.00-09.30 WELCOME

Prof. Thomas Magedanz, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany

Welcome 5G In Germany
Frank Krüger, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany


5G Technologies – Evolution From 4G Vs. Disruption By Means Of 5G

Chair: Noel Crespi, Telecom Sued, France

5G Standardization In 3GPP – Towards Real 5G
José Almodovar, TNO/3GPP, The Netherlands

How FlexRAN Is Enabling The 5G RAN
Daniel Lynch, Intel, USA

Edge Computing As An Enabler
Colin Alexander, ARM, UK

Satellites In 5G
Maria Guta, ESA European Space Agency, The Netherlands

Updates On International Network Slicing
Michele Zarri, GSMA, UK

Migration Options For 5G Rollouts
Falk Schröder, Detecon International GmbH, Germany


11.00 - 11.30 COFFEE BREAK & DEMOS


5G Applications – Experiences From Trials: Challenges & Opportunities

Chair: Prof. Paolo Bellavista, University of Bologna, Italy

Lessons Learned From European Trials
Håkon Lønsethagen, Telenor, Norway 

Automotive As Key Driver For Global 5G
Dr. Johannes Springer, Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany, on behalf of 5GAA

5G-ACIA - Driving The Industrial 5G Revolution
Dr. Andreas Müller, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany, and 5G-ACIA

5G At Deutsche Messe
Marcus Eibach, Deutsche Messe AG, Germany

Unicast Video Delivery Using 5G - A Wishlist
Dr. Stefan Lietsch, Zattoo International Ltd., Switzerland


12.40-13.00 SESSION 2 | KEYNOTE

Global Approaches For Monetizing 5G

Dr. Christoph Bach, Ericsson GmbH, Germany

13.00 - 14.00 LUNCH & DEMOS


5G Rollout Plans And First Experiences

Chair: Prof. Akihiro Nakao, Tokyo University/5GMF, Japan

5G in Vodafone
Dr. Ralf Irmer, Vodafone, Germany

5G in Telefónica
Tilo Heckmann, Telefónica, Germany

5G in Austria
Dr. Wolfgang Fleischer, A1 - Telekom Austria, Austria

5G in the Orange Group
Eric Hardouin, Orange, France

5G in Italy
Giovanni Romano, TIM, Italy

5G in the UK
Ruth Brown, British Telecom, UK

5G in the US
Michael Loushine, AT&T, USA

5G in Japan
Prof. Akihiro Nakao, Tokyo University/5GMF, Japan

15.30-16.00 SESSION 3 | PANEL

Where Is The 5G Business Case – When And How To Start?

Chair: Guy Redmill, Redmill Marketing Associates, UK

Daniel Lynch, Intel, USA
Colin Alexander, ARM, UK
Dr. Christoph Bach, Ericsson GmbH, Germany
Prof. Akihiro Nakao, Tokyo University/5GMF, Japan
Dr. Ralf Irmer, Vodafone, Germany
Tilo Heckmann, Telefónica, Germany
Dr. Wolfgang Fleischer, A1 - Telekom Austria, Austria
Eric Hardouin, Orange, France
Giovanni Romano, TIM, Italy
Ruth Brown, British Telecom, UK
Michael Loushine, AT&T, USA
Dr. Ruben Merz, Swisscom, Switzerland

16.00 - 16.30 COFFEE BREAK & DEMOS

16.30-17.15 SESSION 4 | PANEL

Do We Already Know Something About What 6G Will Be?

Chair:  Rui Aguiar, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Dr. Young-Jo Ko, ETRI, Korea
Afif Osseiran, Ericsson, Sweden
N.N., Orange, France
Ari Pouttu, Oulu University, Finland