Brandenburger Tor
Thu., Nov. 15, 2018 to Fri., Nov. 16, 2018 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Ivan Seskar

PAWR/Rutgers University, USA

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Abstract 1 (Day 1)

Overview of the PAWR Initiative

This talk introduces PAWR, a $100M US public-private research partnership program to support creation of four city-scale experimental platforms for advancing fundamental wireless research beyond 5G. This program plans to blend cutting-edge wireless and network innovations with a large scale geographical community. We share our vision of creating a platform architecture, which is extremely agile, dynamic, cost-effective, adaptable, sliceable and extensible, giving unprecedented programmability and control to a broad set of researchers. The talk also details the first two platforms addressing mmWave and Massive MIMO radio technologies and an emerging edge computing paradigm supported by PAWR, where heterogeneous edge devices, new air interfaces and multi-tier end-to-end cloud architectures collaborate to sense, process, analyze data and create many novel applications.

Abstract 2 (Day 1)

Overview of the Rutgers 5G Testbed

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Abstract 3 (Day 2)

PAWR: Exploring 5G Use Cases for Industry Verticals

The Mobile Telecom Industry, from chipmakers to networking companies to software companies to application developers to vertical technology providers and users, are devoting significant efforts to "moving past science experiments" into 5G commercialization. The PAWR Initiative is setup as a public-private partnership to accelerate the 5G Ecosystem’s commercial realization. We realize that a business model or business case is a limiting factor in commercialization and not technology. This calls for fundamental rethinking of computing and networking architectures that can disrupt existing business models and reshape industry landscapes. We present a framework for onboarding disparate stakeholders to rapidly develop and test use cases such as IoT Security via Edge AI, Smart City and Machine Vision, AR/VR and Automotive Edge (safety, navigation, automation + infotainment) on PAWR Platforms.