New FOCUS spin-off for the optimization of mobile broadband communication

News from Nov. 29, 2013

The popular software package OpenEPC for the control of communication networks was outsourced into the spin-off "Core Network Dynamics UG". "Core Network Dynamics" will perform the licensing, continue to optimize the software and deal with special customization requests.

Meanwhile the FOKUS competence center Next Generation Network Infrastructures (NGNI) cooperates with the spin-off in research and development of future communication technologies based on Core Network Dynamics customer requirements.

With the software package OpenEPC (Evolved Packet Core), a control and monitoring platform in mobile broadband communications, the competence center NGNI by Fraunhofer FOKUS witnessed a breath taking success story. It was very popular with mobile network operators, service providers and other infrastructure companies as a testbed for the benefit of the 3GPP Evolved Packet Core standard. Using OpenEPC NGNI and its partners from the telecommunication industry practically tested the possibilities to realize a seamless WLAN-LTE interaction and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on the ground.

During research and development which began in 2008 NGNI implemented all functionalities of the Evolved packet core standard in the software package OpenEPC. "OpenEPC is deployed as an efficient rapid prototyping platform for heterogeneous network testbeds at major network operators and key manufacturers around the globe. These are benefit from the modular architecture, making OpenEPC unique in terms of adaptability and extensibility." says Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz, Head of NGNI .

In order to cope with the growing number of customization requests for OpenEPC by private enterprises, the spin-off “Core Network Dynamics " was founded. In addition to individual customer modifications the spin-off is dealing with the optimization of the current OpenEPC code as well as licensing and distribution of the software package.  Nevertheless Fraunhofer FOKUS will continue its research on the Evolved packet core, for example in the field of Software Defined Networks and 5G mobile communication by the means of developing new optimized OpenXXX toolkits. “Our work perfectly matches the activities at Fraunhofer FOKUS" says Dipl. - Ing Berthold Butscher, co-founder and Managing Director of Core Network Dynamics , who was previously deputy head at Fraunhofer FOKUS .