Görkem Güclü

Scientist and project manager R & D at the Business Unit FAME

Working Areas

  • Mobile Development
  • Software Frameworks
  • Multi-Screen Applications
  • IPTV & HbbTV
  • Interactive and Smart Content

Curriculum Vitae

Görkem Güçlü received his diploma degree at the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) in Computer Science with the completion of his thesis "Ecosystem for community based enrichment and distribution of interactive, non-linear videos" at Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) in 2013 in Berlin. Currently, he is employed as a Project Manager at the Business Unit Future Applications and Media (FAME), specializing on Mobile Development and Multi-Screen Applications.

Görkem Güçlü is also managing multiple private projects alongside his work at Fraunhofer FOKUS.


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Bassbouss, Louay; Güçlü, Görkem; Steglich, Stefan:
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Güçlü, Görkem; Seeliger, Robert (Betreuer):
Ecosystem for community based enrichment and distribution of interactive, non-linear videos.
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