„Urban Living“ – FOKUS at CeBIT 2012

Release from Fri., March 02, 2012

„Urban Living“ is the motto of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft at this years’ CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover. From March 6 – 10, the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS will be showing different sorts of innovations concerning the smart city of the future. This year Fraunhofer FOKUS is showing how innovative IT is changing life in urban areas. The main topics are:

Electromobility – Smartly Connected

How traffic management works in the city of the future will be demonstrated by FOKUS’ car2x-communication. Using this system for smart traffic and travel management, cars are connected wirelessly and in realtime through smartphones or navigation systems in the vehicle. It will be shown how future electric cars are driving independently through Smart Cities – synchronized with the traffic lights system in order to take advantage of a progressive signal system. If required the vehicles even recharge by induction.

Open Data for Urban Management

The access to open data stocks of the public sector and other players concerning the city is getting more and more important for interaction between public administration, industry and citizens. Therefore, Fraunhofer FOKUS has worked out Berlins Open-Data-Strategy for organizational, legal and technical aspects. The Institute successfully realized Germany’s first Open-Data-Portal, showing how users can enquire public data and use them in mobile applications.

WiBack Technology – Broadband Internet for Rural Regions

When landline infrastructures for internet and telecommunication are missing, wireless connections offer a fast alternative with a low demand for resources at the same time. As an alternative to conventional approaches, with the WiBack (Wireless Backhaul-) technology Fraunhofer FOKUS developed a solution for extensive wireless networks. A stadium-scenario will be shown where the radio nodes – depending on what is required – can be smartly powered up or down. They guarantee a stable connection even though mobile networks are collapsing.

Open Government for Modern Administration

The interactive Internet has become an important drive for social changes. Social media and Web 2.0 produced new forms of communication, collaboration and participation. Those are now also changing routines in government and administration. Besides that, through transparency and accountability people show more trust in public behavior. Fraunhofer FOKUS demonstrates how technological improvement can contribute innovative concepts for a modern civil society.

Besides the Joint Fraunhofer Booth in hall 26, in the Cloud Computing World at the Fraunhofer Cloud-Alliance booth (hall 4, booth A58) there will be demonstrated how Cloud Computing may look like for public administration.

Also there will be the Berlin Online-Marketplace “goBerlin” (BMWi booth, hall 26, booth G50) that will enable companies and departments to offer a joint online-service for occasions like marriage or move.

Trusted and Smart Government

This year Fraunhofer FOKUS will also present innovative applications concerning the new identity card. At the booth from the federal commissioner for IT, hall 7/ booth 40, FOKUS in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn and Steria Mummert Consulting will present how you can rent a bike at the Call-a-Bike-Terminal by logging in with the new identity card. This is possible, because a encrypted connection is built between the card’s chip and the Call-a-Bike server.

At the booth of Bundesdruckerei – also in hall 7, booth number C18 – a scenario represents how to get a residency certificate using the qualified electronic signature.

Under the slogan “Smart Government” FOKUS and its partners shows at the booth from the federal commissioner for IT how “P23R” can simplify reporting processes between companies and authorities in order to reduce costs of bureaucracy for companies.