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First distinct in North Rhine-Westphalia starts up the early warning system KATWARN

News from Feb. 01, 2013

On February 1st, 2013, Herford started up Fraunhofer FOKUS-disaster warning system KATWARN as the first distinct in North Rhine-Westphalia. The system coordinated by local fire brigades and emergency management agencies provides warnings and location based instructions in case of crisis situations by SMS, email or via a smart phone app.

“We consider the new warning system an asset for us and our community,” the District Administrator Christian Manz said during the system inauguration in Herford.  In addition to the information provided by local authorities, police, fire brigades, emergency task forces, and radio, KATWARN helps local fire brigades and emergency management agencies to warn people fast and effectively. The KATWARN-system is provided by the association of public insurance companies (Verband öffentlicher Versicherer), CombiRisk GmbH, and the Westphalian Provinzial Versicherung AG. In cooperation with Fraunhofer and Meteomedia AG, Provinzial has been already offering its customers the early warning system WIND for the past 10 years.