Fraunhofer FOKUS and Opera demonstrate DRM interoperability

News from May 15, 2014

Integration of PlayReady CDMi into Opera Devices SDK for Linux on a set-top-box: Fraunhofer FOKUS in partnership with Opera Software and Microsoft advances Digital Rights Management (DRM) interoperability and HTML5 for premium video delivery. The implementation by Fraunhofer FOKUS integrates Microsoft’s open Content Decryption Module Interface (CDMi) with Opera Devices SDK (Software Development Kit) 3.x series for Linux platforms, enabling the attachment of the Microsoft PlayReady DRM platform component to the Opera Unified Video Architecture (UVA) on a set-top-box.

The implementation was integrated with a slightly modified version of the DASH Industry Forum's in dash.js reference client to be compatible with Opera Devices SDK, offering support for DASH via the Encrypted Media Extensions (MSE).  

»We are thrilled about this close collaboration with Opera and Microsoft. And we look forward to providing this new functionality to our customers and partners, as they explore solutions to realize the promise of HTML5, DASH and address the challenges of multi-screen, cross-platform media scenarios« says Dr. Stefan Arbanowski, director of competence center FAME at Fraunhofer FOKUS. »At the 4th FOKUS Meida Web Symposium we will demonstrate the results of this cooperation for the first time to the public«.

Frode Hernes, VP Products TV and Connected Devices at Opera Software notes: »The CDMi approach is a great way to integrate multiple DRM systems into the browser engine. Fraunhofer FOKUS' CDM integration, with CDMi deployment and integration on different platforms can enable cost effective integration and inter-operability of various DRM systems and complement the integrations already in our product«.

Microsoft has developed a generalized, open interface enabling open source browsers to support Encrypted Media Extensions – the Content Decryption Module interface (CDMi) specification. The current PlayReady release has provided an example implementation of this interface which works with the PlayReady Device Porting kit.

Chris Santini, Director of Strategy and Business Planning at Microsoft explains: »DRM interoperability is a critical step forward to the future of Internet delivered Media. It enables all browser vendors including open source, to integrate DRM technology in their HTML5 enabled browsers. This enables protection for premium content and the widest device reach possible for content owners, OEMs and service providers«.

In September 2013 at IBC in Amsterdam, Fraunhofer FOKUS introduced a Content Decryption Module (CDM) implementation for Microsoft PlayReady DRM integrated in their FAMIUM browser. Fraunhofer FOKUS, a leading institute specialized in the technology advancements for Future Applications and Media, announced the release of a browser independent solution in their FAMIUM platfrom, including W3C MSE, EME, and a Content Decryption Module (CDM) implementation to interface with Microsoft PlayReady DRM.

Fraunhofer FOKUS' FAMIUM is an end to end platform for the creation and delivery of protected adaptive bitrate content. The FAMIUM CDM connection to the Microsoft PlayReady CDM-interface provides a significant addition to the platform, extending content protection to premium video on the web to browsers without plug-ins, leveraging the new ISO MPEG standards DASH (Dynamic Adaptive streaming over HTTP) and CENC (Common Encryption) to create DRM-interoperable media encoding.

Fraunhofer FOKUS' competence center Future Applications and Media (FAME) provides the most recent technologies and advancements that enable a standardized cross-platform media use on televisions, set-top boxes, personal computers and mobile phones.