Giuseppe Carella received his M.Sc. in Engineering of Computer Science from the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna in 2011. During his studies he focalised on next generation network infrastructure, especially in IMS services, like presence and messaging. He realised his Master thesis, “QoS-aware brokering support for IMS Infrastructures in cloud”, working at Fraunhofer FOKUS focusing on IMS and cloud computing. In 2012 he joined the Next Generation Networks (AV) team at the Technical University Berlin. He is mainly interested in new network architecture, like the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), especially in researching new emerging and interesting services to be integrated in the network infrastructure, and also in the possibility to merge with cloud computing in the Future Internet paradigm.


Since the beginning he has been involved in two different EU Projects part of the FP7: BonFIRE (EU BonFIRE project) and Mobile Cloud Networking.

The BonFIRE Project supports experimentation and testing of innovative scenarios from the Internet of Services research community, specifically focused on the convergence of services and networks. In this project he is providing his expertise for enabling elasticity as a service.

He was previously involved in OpenLab. In this project he was designing and developing the Slice Federation Architecture (SFA) extension for the FITeagle framework. FITeagle is a framework for the interoperability of different testbeds. Furthermore SFA will increase the number of federated testbeds, allowing teagle experimenters to interoperate with an high number of heterogeneous resources.

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