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Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fraunhofer FOKUS and smartclip demonstrate technology solution for the dynamic integration of digital video advertising in classic linear TV content

Release from Tue., September 02, 2014

At this year's IFA (Sep. 5-10 in Berlin), dmexco (Sep. 10-11 in Cologne), and IBC (Sep. 11-15 in Amsterdam), Fraunhofer FOKUS, part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft that is Europe’s leading organization for applied research, and smartclip, the leading marketing platform for multiscreen digital video advertising, will demonstrate a novel technology solution for advertising scenarios in the increasingly convergent TV and Internet advertising markets.

September 02, 2014, Berlin/Hamburg – As part of a showcase presentation, the partners will show how video content can be delivered across a multitude of devices and platforms via DVB, HbbTV, and DASH. A highlight is the dynamic integration of digital video advertising, which can be integrated in real time, in both classic linear and on-demand TV content. By integrating features of the HbbTV 2.0 standard, the technology supports second screen functionality and links video elements and inserted advertising via the HbbTV technology standard.

With this technology, digital advertising content can be presented on the large TV screen including all the advantages of online advertising.This functionality allows advertisers to use additional features, such as frequency capping, targeting, and reporting of relevant KPIs (viewing, single contacts, etc.). In addition, ad server-based TV marketing enables pan-device, context sensitive distribution over all the user's video channels. By supporting the HbbTV standard, as well as MPEG-DASH, devices from both worlds can be reached from one Web-based management interface. HbbTV is available on Connected TVs and MPEG-DASH playback only requires an HTML5 browser (desktop, smartphone, tablet etc.).

"Our FAMIUM Multiscreen Advertisement solution provides new, more flexible marketing options, especially for small special-interest and local stations," says Dr. Stefan Arbanowski, director of the competence center "Future Applications and Media" at Fraunhofer FOKUS. "They don't have to run advertising automatically any more, but instead can play it on demand or link it with a campaign. For example, when a product is on sale for a certain time in a specific region. Users can make the purchases directly on their smartphones."

Ricky McClellen, Chief Technology Officer at smartclip, adds: "The possibility to integrate advertising dynamically in both traditional linear broadcast and on-demand video makes it possible for content providers to deliver advertising exactly when the right target audience is watching TV. Advertising can now be delivered using our SmartX Platform, the same real-time programmatic optimization technology that we already know from digital markets across PCs, game consoles, tablets, mobile devices and Connected TVs. The ongoing evolution of digital distribution technologies across all screens and all types of delivery is part of smartclip's DNA – just like promoting the media and broadcasting solutions of the future."

In a joint proof of concept implementation, Fraunhofer FOKUS and smartclip evaluated the technical realization of solutions for addressable TVs. The implementation will be showcased at the exhibitions mentioned above. First co-operations with TV stations have already been started in Germany.

About smartclip
As a technology specialist for video advertising, smartclip has developed new distribution channels for brand advertising since its founding, helping to define the future of TV advertising. smartclip has carried out campaigns on smart TVs since 2009 and represents leading manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Philips, and others throughout Europe. As a leading video advertising technology company, smartclip offers a true multi-screen advertising experience across all digital devices with our proprietary programmatic system, the SmartX Platform. We provide yield-optimized content monetization for connected TVs, smart TVs, linear TV, mobile devices, and over the web. smartclip pioneers the future of TV brand advertising delivery and creates innovative solutions for interactive brand experience by optimizing media efficiency, reach, and audience targeting. The company maintains its corporate headquarters in Hamburg, with an extensive network of offices throughout Europe and Latin America.

About Fraunhofer FOKUS
Fraunhofer FOKUS, based in Berlin, Germany, develops solutions for the communication infrastructure of the future. The institute addresses important challenges in the society and the smart cities of the future, including access to information, economic and sustainable use of resources, smart mobility and a modern governmental administration. In its projects, Fraunhofer FOKUS establishes useful ties between industry, governmental administration, users and the people.

Besides technical infrastructures, Fraunhofer FOKUS creates manifold practical concepts, applications and prototypes. In particular, Fraunhofer FOKUS is specialized in developing multi-domain networks and interoperable, user-centric solutions.

With 25 years of experience, FOKUS is one of the most important actors in the ICT research landscape both nationally and worldwide. As a member of important standardization bodies, the institute contributes to the definition of new standards in information and communication technologies.