Solutions for safety-critical systems: CESAR Project successfully completed

News from July 12, 2012

After its Final Review on July 3, 2012 in Turin, Italy, the CESAR project has been successfully completed. The project, that aims to boost cost efficiency of embedded systems development and safety processes by an order of magnitude, has delivered a great number of very valuable and innovative results in various areas and achieved real breakthroughs . Fraunhofer FOKUS brought in its integration and automation platform ModelBus as well as its know-how in the field of model-driven development of embedded systems.

FOKUS also contributed significantly to the definition and implementation of the CESAR Reference Technology Platform (RTP). By means of the RTP development processes and tool chains for the development of safety-critical, embedded systems can be customized.

In comparison to previous projects, which only achieved partial results, CESAR (short for: Cost-efficient methods and processes for safety relevant embedded systems) for the first time managed to provide industrially acceptable solutions in almost all areas relevant for safety-critical embedded systems.

Especially the three transportation domains automotive, aerospace, and rail, as well as the automation domain, share the need to develop ultra-reliable embedded systems to meet societal demands for increased mobility and ensuring safety in a highly competitive global market. CESAR helps to maintain the European leading edge position in the transportation as well as automation market. The project was funded in the context of the ARTMENIS JOINT UNDERTKING (JU) initiative.