FOKUS develops prototype for first federal Open Government Data Platform

News from Aug. 01, 2012

In close collaboration with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, FOKUS will realize the prototype for the “Open Government Data Plattform Germany” at the beginning of 2013. The Online-Portal is based on the results and advices of the interdisciplinary study “Open Government Data Germany” that FOKUS recently published in cooperation with the Lorenz-von-Stein-Institute Kiel, ÖPP Deutschland AG and in coordination with the Bund-Lander Task-Force “Open Government” of the IT-Strategy-Council.

Based on 54 guidances, the 600-page-study describes how open government data in Germany should be realized regarding organization, strategy, law and technology. The study shows how existing data platforms – e.g. from states or municipalities – can be integrated and what kind of legal and technical conditions need to be fulfilled in order to build a secure and interoperable platform of high quality for pan-German data.

The federal commissioner for information technologies, state secretary Cornelia Rogall-Grothe, pointed out that "the study provides the basis for the further development of Open Government und Open Data in Germany".

Besides this open Government Data also holds economic chances: according to a meta analysis, on behalf of the European Commission, open databases provide an economic potential of 40 billion Euro per year.

The non-personal data provided via the Open Government Data Platform prototype, offer an irreplaceable source of information for all application developers and service providers. On the base of that raw data, user- and application-specific information supplies, services and applications can be developed. Possible usage scenarios are widespread and range from searching interest- and condition-relevant living or working options up to an overview of current environmental data like an ozon-sonar.

The study “Open Government data Germany” is published under a Creative Commons by name 3.0 Germany Licence.