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ModelBus® - Version 2.0 Is Now Available for Download

News from July 27, 2016

The latest ModelBus® version 2.0 was released on the 22nd July 2016. ModelBus® as a tool integration platform enables the automation of development processes and supports the collaboration of the developers, e.g. by integration of development tools.

ModelBus® version 2.0 offers the following innovations:

  • Support for the newest Eclipse versions

o   Support for Eclipse Luna, Mars and Neon

o   Updated ModelBus® Teamprovider, the support for Eclipse Papyrus now includes version 2.0.

o   Eclipse Kepler and older Eclipse versions are no longer compatible

o   On Mac OS the ModelBus® server is available with an Eclipse Mars or Neon base; Luna support had to be retired.

  • Integration of the Eclipse Communication Foundation (ECF)

o   Implementation of the OSGi Remote Services and Remote Admin Services through the integration of ECF

o   Provision of an ECF container that supports JAX-WS services and therefore offers more flexibility than the previously used CXF-DOSGi

  • Better support for standalone services
  • More standard compliancy

o   More official JAX-WS APIs instead of providing a tailored CXF implementation and integration layer.

o   Standard JAX-WS annotations are now used for the ModelBus® interaction pattern.

o   Thereby ModelBus® 2.0 runs on a plain JDK by default without the need of an additional JAX-WS implementation.

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