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Starting on the left hand side: Holger Schlösser (FOKUS), Dr. Niklas Blum (FOKUS), Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauswirth (FOKUS), Khaled Ben Younes (INTILAQ), Dr. Adel Al-Hezmi (FOKUS), Fihmi Mousa (FOKUS), und Prof. Dr. Radu Popescu- Zeletin (FOKUS) Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fraunhofer FOKUS helps to build Tunisia's first incubator

News from Sep. 18, 2014

Fraunhofer FOKUS has intensified its cooperation with partners in the Arab world and supports INTILAQ, a Business and Innovation Hub initiated by the Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF), Ooredoo and Microsoft as founding partners, to establish its technical infrastructure.

As part of its mission to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of Information Communication Technology, INTILAQ supports startups and entrepreneurs in the region to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. In a cooperative agreement, both partners concluded a strategic cooperation to promote the development of young companies on site. Above all FOKUS will provide INTILAQ innovative FOKUS Testbeds and will furthermore give advice to the incubator during its construction phase. Perspectively launched young startup companies then will buy themselves licenses of FOKUS to build their own technical infrastructure.

FOKUS connects Tunisia’s bee colonies

That FOKUS’ technologies bring quite diverse startups on the way show two specific projects that are initiated by the cooperation agreement: NGNI’s Open MTC platform and M2M middleware shall not only connect the decentralized gas production facilities in Tunisia, the communication technologies will also be the basis for a startup that takes care of hives. Healthy bee colonies are significant for Tunisia's honey-export and hence for the economy. A networked communication infrastructure between the hives informs beekeepers about the well-being of their honey producers at any time. Thereby they are able to react immediately and secure their production.

About IntilaQ :

IntilaQ is a business and innovation hub that connects science, technology, and enterprise. The platform offers services to business leaders, scientists, and engineers to come with the target to create new jobs and business opportunities. IntilaQ aims also to bridge the divide between skills and opportunities, through making technology more accessible and creating programs to inspire, and empower young entrepreneurs, help students acquire the skills and education they need to prosper, and value researchers to innovate and succeed.