Philipp Lämmel (M.Sc.) is a Scientist at the Competence Center SQC.

Education & Career

Philipp Lämmel holds a master degree (M.Sc.) for computer science from the FU Berlin. His interest and research topics were IT security, cryptography, model checking and compiler. He has been working for the System Quality Center (SQC) at Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS since 2011.


  • Smart Cities (open data, safety and security, standardization, reference architectures, interoperability)
  • Model driven development
  • Model driven testing


Current Projects

  • Triangulum
  • WindNODE
  • Urban Data Spaces

Previous Projects

  • Open Cities
  • Open Data Portal Berlin
  • GeMo – Collaborative eMobilty
  • OGDD – Open Government Data Deutschland


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