embedded world 2013: model and software factory BIZWARE simplifies the software development process

Release from Mon., February 11, 2013

Fraunhofer researchers will be presenting the BIZWARE project at embedded world 2013, Hall 5, Stand 228. The project develops model and software factories for the use of domain-specific languages (DSLs) in the creation of software tools.

Berlin, 11th February 2013 – Until now, system and software development often involved writing out several million lines of code by hand. This kind of development process is time-consuming and has a large margin for error. Therefore, in the BIZWARE project, Fraunhofer FOKUS researchers have developed a model and software factory which allows developers and even end-users to create customised software solutions.

 BIZWARE uses domain-specific languages (DSLs), which are text- or graphic-based programming languages. These DSLs enable even end-users to contribute to the development of industry-specific software, by describing the software requirements in models. Using these models, and with the help of model-based development methods, software can be generated. The software created in this way is cost-effective, high-quality and application-oriented. In this way, all necessary modelling tools are made available to the user, e.g. editors, transformers, simulators and code-generators.

Another advantage of BIZWARE is the simple and clearly documented development process. This process allows later changes to software requirements to be easily incorporated into existing models and then implemented in the software. At embedded world, Fraunhofer researchers will demonstrate the software development process using BIZWARE, based on best-practice examples from the industry, such as automation and manufacturing technology.

Eight industry partners, Berlin Institute of Technology and Fraunhofer FOKUS work together on the BIZWARE project. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

We look forward to your visit to the Fraunhofer joint stand in Hall 5, Stand 228. We are also happy to arrange an appointment for a private meeting in advance.