Contest: New ideas for eID

News from June 05, 2012

Since 2010 the foundation stone for secure identities in the virtual world was laid by launching the new German Identity Card. There are various possibilities in the field of eCommerce, eGovernment and many other online-services – but still they are unexploited. That is why the Bundesdruckerei and its partners Ageto and Procilion initiated the “eIDEE – contest for a digital handshake“ that started with a panel on the topic “trustworthy identities and processes in the web”. Jens Fromm, head of the competence center “Secure Identity” at Fraunhofer FOKUS moderated the panel.

At the panel’s beginning Jens Fromm emphasized how much potential there is using secure identities in eCommerce. In order to convert theoretical possibilities into technical developments without wasting creative resources – IT-professionals, entrepreneurs and developers are now called to propose their ideas and suggestions.

Up until August15th 2012 everybody is welcome to present their ideas at and describe the idea’s expected benefit. There is no limit to innovation or creativity – the only thing that counts is a persuasive idea. It will be judged by an independent jury – including XING, Ct’ and the city of Muenster. Winners will be able to look forward to consulting- services and payment in kind to realize their eIDEE worth 10.000 Euro.

Due to the new German Identity Card there are 80 million potential customers in Germany. That means that the possibility of identification in the web without media disruption does exist. What is missing so far though is the realization of creative applications. The biggest potential developers and eIDEE- jurors see, lies in the new identity card’s online-function for eCommerce and eGovernment: the possibility of secure electronic identities could obviate the need for visits to the authorities as well the need to log in with passwords or pay via PINs and TANs. Theoretically with the new identity card all identification- and payment-processes could be one-stop-procedures.

Recently the European Commission submitted a proposal to use electronic proof of identity Europe-wide. That means that in the future eIDs will not just overstep country’s frontiers but also those of media. Because 15 European countries already use the possibility of online-identification, it is more than reasonable to install a transnational online-identification, says Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes.