KATWARN-Start Paderborn
District Administrator Manfred Müller (second left) wants to alert citizens of Paderborn in case of dangerous situations by using KATWARN  Fraunhofer FOKUS

At the touch of a button: more Security for the county of Paderborn

News from May 27, 2013

With the symbolic press of the start button on 27 May 2013, the County Commissioner Manfred Müller marked the start of the warning and information system KATWARN in the county of Paderborn. As of now, all citizens within the postal code area of the county can free of charge register themselves and use the system. In case of dangerous situations the users receive official warnings via smartphone-app, text message and email, respectively. The warnings are provided by the county's control center located in Büren-Ahden.

The KATWARN system developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS is provided by the association of public insurance companies (Verband öffentlicher Versicherer), CombiRisk GmbH, and - for the county of Paderborn – by the Westphalian Provinzial Versicherung AG. It is the 15th place (county or independent town) to operate the system.